Exploring Technological Tools
for Teaching and Learning


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Integrated Examples

--Faculty Connection
--Virtual Resource Site

Presentation Tools

Course Support Materials
--On Line Study and Learning Materials
--PowerPoint Lecture Notes
--PDF Format
--Course Grid and Syllabi links
--The Chemistry Hypermedia Project
--Multimedia, Hypermedia database
--Course: Hypermedia Construction
--Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities
--PacificU's WebCT
--Comparison of the three
Packaged Text Support Materials
--Articulated Web materials to go along with Text

--PowerWeb for Faculty
--Discipline Specific Links
How to Prepare Course Materials for the Web
--What is the Collaborative Classroom?

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Media Tools

Video in Classroom
--Faculty Connection
--Streaming Media to Enhance Teaching and Improve Learning
Quicktime and Animation
--Allyn & Bacon
--Gallery of Interactive Geometry
--Classroom documentation
Images as Format and Information base for Exploration
--The Visible Human Project
--Classroom Constructions and Projects
--The Virtual Human Project
--Native American Women
--Panoramic Photographs and History
--Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
--The World Wide Web Virtual Audio Library
--Historical Clips - John Dewey
--Wav. Central
--Sound Clips
--Sound Central
--Online Whiteboard
--Article: Using a DigitalWhiteboard
--Smartboard Lesson Plans
Online Repositories
--Supreme Court Resources
--Hypertext Repository
--National Digital Library
--National Archives Resources
--The Library Of Congress
Digital Video
--Digital Video Resources - Print and Links
General Disciplinary Resources
--Oceanography and earth Sciences Resources
Articles and other Links
--How to do Research on the Internet
--Great Paper: History in the Raw

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Virtual Classrooms

Computer Based Environments
--Descriptive paper
--CBE Computer Based Education
--CAI Computer Assisted Instruction (and overview)
--Teaching in the Virtual Classroom (paper)

Examples of Virtual Learning Tools
--Wayne State's Virtual Classroom
--Virtual Worlds and Field Trips
--Physical Geology Virtual Classrooms
--Teachers and Writers Collaborative
--The Interactive Fly
--Cambridge Univ. English Dept. Virtual Classroom
--Virtual Classroom - Resources and Examples
--Resources for Creating a Virtual Classroom

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Interactive Communication

Distance Learning
--Distance Learning on the Net
--Distance learning Resource Network
Bulletin Boards
--African Studies Bulletin Boards
--Bulletin Board Directory
--The Bulletin Board System Corner
Listserves Directory
Online Classrooms
--A Case Study in Online Education
--Tapped In
--You Want Me To Do What?

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Tools for Projects

Student Web Pages
--Examining the Korean War
--Children's Literature
--Lessons Plans for Dealing with Trauma
Electronic Portfolios
--Technology Supported Portfolio Assessments
--What is a Portfolio?
--The Use of Portfolios in Evaluation
--Technology and Portfolio Assessment
--The Kalamazoo Portfolio
--Exemplary Student Portfolios
Video productions
--Developing Student Video Projects
--Communications Video Productions
--French 1 Video Project
--Student Hyperstudio Projects
--Education Students' Stacks
--Student Musical History PowerPoints
--Medical Student PowerPoints
--Brainstorming and visual learning
--Inspiration in the Classroom
--Helping People Learn, Mind Map
--Inspiration webs for Teaching

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--Writing the Technology Rubric
--Rubric For Video Production
--EG Hyperstudion Rubric
Evaluating Web Resources
--Widener University
--Evaluation of Information Sources
Authentic Technology Assessments
--Technology and Assessment
--Authentic Assessment & Web Based Projects (Carnegie Foundation Work)
Online Assessment Tools
--Alternative Performance-based Assessment links
--Rubric For Video Production

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Word Processing
--Word Knowdule
Web pages
--Web via Word
--Web via Powerpoint
--HTML Cheatsheet : WebMonkey
--HTML Tutorial Barebones Guide to HTML
--HTML Tutorial Constructing an Instructional Webpage
--HTML Tutorial for Kids : Lissa Explains it All
--HTML Tutorial : WebTeacher
--Mark's Previously Taught Courses
--Art History 201
--Project Syllabus Database
Information Managers
- Calendar
Checking for Plagiarism
--Commercial Plagerism Checker
--Plagiarism software
Bookmarks and Resource Guides
--Faculty Tutorials
--Helen Barrett's Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios

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