Education and Values: Interface on the Internet

Scenario 1

A Shock to the Humanities

You are a bioethicist who works with health professional faculty to develop medical ethics seminars for health professional students. You have developed a four hour workshop for optometry students. There are 84 3rd year students who attend this required session. You walk into the lecture theater and you notice a number of students with notebook computers in front of them. It is 10 minutes before class and you discuss logistics with your colleague. At the appointed time your colleague begins to introduce you. You notice that the students are not closing their notebooks. You are disturbed by this but begin your opening remarks and try to ignore the notebooks. After a few minutes your ire is rising and you finally stop the lecture and tell the students that you are sorry but you simply cannot do the lecture with networked computers at the desks. The students looked surprised and you wind up having a discussion with your colleagues. The students reluctantly close their notebooks but the incident has marred the atmosphere for the seminar.

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