Education and Values: Interface on the Internet


Dr. Marc Marenco

"The Internet and related cyber-technology is here and here to stay. I do not think we have yet grasped the impact that this ubiquitous phenomenon is having on our collective self-understanding. As the Internet permeates our practice it also permeates our consciousness. Many of us wonder how the moral dimension of human experience will be affected by life 'online.' I am delighted to be a part of the Berglund Institute as we sustain the conversation about the new technology and its relation to the deep purpose of education."

Dr. Mark Bailey

"The Internet is rapidly transforming the manner in which individuals communicate, learn, and live their lives. These changes have the potential to significantly alter the structure of educational institutions as well as to fundamentally reshape conceptions of community and society. The physical and political boundaries that have traditionally limited educational and social discourse are being stripped away, creating the potential for many exciting, as well as potentially problematic and unforeseen consequences."

Workshop Participants and email addresses

Dr. John F. Boughton, Assistant Professor, Goucher College
Mr. John R. Charles, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, California State University Hayward
Dr. Gigi Escoe, University of Cincinnati, Main campus, Cincinnati
Dr. Darin E. Fields, Chairman of Humanities, Wilkes University
Dr. Charles W. Gibley, Jr., Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Dr. Glennon Graham, Director, Freshman Seminar, Columbia College
Dr. Eleanor H. Green, Dean of Faculty, University of Maine at Presque Isle
Dr. Jeffrey Heinle, Assistant Professor of Humanities, Colby-Sawyer College
Dr. Thomas Kealy, Assistant Professor of Humanities, Colby-Sawyer College
Dr. Gretchen T. Legler, Assistant Professor of English, University of Maine at Farmington
Dr. Joan Apple Lemoine, Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Douglass College, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey New Brunswick Campus
Dr. Phillip J. Mason, Chair, School of Science & Mathematics, Fairmont State College
Ms. Marcia Mentkowski, Alverno College, Milwaukee
Dr. Michael L. Selmon, Dean of Faculty, Alma College
Dr. Stuart Shulman, Assistant Professor, Environmental Policy, Drake University
Dr. Billy E. Vaughn, President, Diversity Training University International
Dr. Geneva M. Walker-Johnson, Dean of Students, Wellesley College
Dr. Gale Auletta Young, Associate Dean for Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, California State University Hayward

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