Education and Values: Interface on the Internet

Links to Relevant Websites

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Oregon Technology in Education Network

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory

Northcentral Regional Educational Laboratory

Apple Classroom Of Tomorrow

NASA Center for Ed Tech.

Internatioal Society for Technology Eduation Teacher Resources

ERIC Higher Education Information

Testimonial From Brown U.

Teaching with Electronic Tech.

Speculative Tech Future Timeline

Technology Glossary

Virtual Resource Site for Teaching With Technology

The Digital Classroom

Written Pieces
- Knowledge Quest on Web

- MIT epistomology and learning group

- Evaluation in Computer education

- Constructivist Pages

Bibliography: Constructing Knowledge with Technology -

- A Critique of How Technology Adoption Models Get Used

- Adoption of learning technologies in schools and universities

- A Survey of Educational Change Models

- Difussion Theory and Instructional Technology

- The "Stages of Concern" From The Concerns-Based Adoption Model

- Using Social Network Analysis to Examine the Time of Adoption of Computer-Related Services among University Faculty


- Technology Adoption and Diffusion

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