Education and Values: Interface on the Internet

AAC&U Workshop Jan 24, 2002

Lead by Dr. Marc Marenco and Dr. Mark Bailey
Pacific University

Dr. Marc Marenco

Dr. Mark Bailey

Focal Questions for Conversation

* What will be the impact of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) on our institutions of higher learning? Are the changes we are undergoing inexorable and irreversible?

* In what ways can ICT be used by students and educators to support powerful pedagogical practice?

* How is ICT shaping the roles of teacher, student, and administrator as we immerse ourselves in these evolving technologies?

* Should administrators encourage and/or require faculty to use ICT? If so, how can administrators effectively nudge faculty along these lines...?

* What are the moral dilemmas posed by the ICT in our institutions? (academics and campus culture)

* The big question... how is ICT affecting our self-understanding and our understanding of the world in which we live? Is ICT producing fundamental shifts in our understanding of culture, time, space, and change?

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