Education and Values: Interface on the Internet

Scenario 3

Strategies for Faculty Experimentation in ICT

You are the chief administrator of your college’s information technology department. You have a good grasp of all of the newest and best technologies out there that faculty could use to enhance their teaching experience and improve student learning. You decide to target faculty who teach in your college's First Year Seminar program. There are no more than two faculty in the group of fifteen who are technocompetent. You decide to do the following:

1. Offer to buy state of the art Dell notebooks for participants.
2. Bring in someone from WebCT to do an all day training on the use of WebCT in the classroom.
3. Pay faculty to attend this workshop.
4. Specify someone on the IT staff who will do support for faculty using WebCT
5. Get an agreement from faculty to use WebCT in their section of FYS

Eight of the fifteen faculty responded positively and participated in the program.

- How would you assess this strategy as a way to encourage faculty to experiment with ICT?
- What assumptions does this ICT manager make in developing this program? What values are assumed? What psychological principles are assumed? What educational principles are assumed?
- What other information would be helpful in your evaluation of this project?
- Based on the information provided above, what do you think the outcome of this project will be?
- Has your school attempted similar sorts of projects? Were they successful?

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