Education and Values: Interface on the Internet

Case Study 5

The Role and Control of the Web

A local school is reexamining the manner in which ICT will be used. A rift is developing between those who feel that the purpose of the Web is to foster communication and to market the school, and those who feel that an important purpose of the web should be to foster learning. The argument boils down to a desire to control what is posted on the web by using templates, previewing and screening all that educators would like to post. In contrast there are those who believe that the web should be easily accessible for educators to post interactive learning activities, display student work, and freely link to educational resources around the world. The debate is between a tightly controlled top-down approach to administrative-centered control, and a bottom-up learner-centered approach designed to foster initiative and creative exploration.

Key Points and Questions:
- Should we control what gets used and posted on the web?
- At what point should powerful student learning be sacrificed for concerns over propriety, efficiency, and control?
- How much control should the administration have over what goes on the web?
- how can the educational needs of faculty and students be met while satisfying administrative concerns for control?
- Should faculty be accountable for student-posted web content?

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