Education and Values: Interface on the Internet

Case Study 3

Fostering Faculty Development

Pacific University received a grant from the Hewlett Foundation designed to foster pedagogical transformation by awarding faculty minigrants for cross-disciplinary collaborative learning projects. A number of faculty who are leaders in applications of ICT to learning, developed a faculty seminar on applications of technology for teaching and learning (Web Site). The seminar was offered on a first come basis and over 30 faculty enrolled for the 18 slots. It was held over the lunch hour 1 day a week for a semester with participants receiving a scanner and their choice from a couple of pieces of software. At the end of the semester there was enough interest that the seminar was held again the following year. Feedback from faculty was very positive

Key Points and Questions:
- how we can frame faculty development experiences in order to make them desirable and useful
- what are the implications of offering tangible incentives to get people to attend development opportunities?
- if incentives are offered, how can we be sure that they are not they just attending to receive the new technology? What are their motivations?
* Involving faculty in the planning and implementation of development experiences is a critical element to their success.
* A bottom-up approach to faculty empowerment through peer interaction worked
* Even if people come only for the carrot, well planned experiences can surprise and motivate even the most skeptical.
* The seminar was successful because it introduced software and hardware use in the context of relevant faculty projects.
* It was optional, fun, and non-threatening

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