Education and Values: Interface on the Internet

Case Studies and Scenarios

Case Studies

1. Learning To Understand and Accept ICT
A faculty member faces his own beliefs about technology and teaching in the face of a thought-provoking confeence.

2. Student Learning and the Power of the Web
An undergraduate has a transformative experience using the web to display his work and reach out to Korean War Veterans.

3. Fostering Faculty Development
A program to provide a Seminar to university faculty proves to be a successful model of fostering ICT instruction.

4. Spreading Technological Literacy
The Schools of Education at Six universities collaborate to work together to provide ICT conferences and mini-grants to promote faculty ICT development.

5. The Role and Control of the Web
A school reexamines their approach to web use and works to address divergent points of view with regard to issues of contol and empowerment.


1. A Shock to the Humanities
You are a bioethicist attempting to teach in an environment where students are actively engaged with their laptops. You simply cannot do the lecture with networked computers in front of students.

2. The C in ICT: Email and Other Opportunities to Make a Fool of Yourself
A collection of humorous scenarios involving email and the social and professional ramifications of unpropitious use of the "send" button.

3. Faculty Experimentation in ICT
You decide to target faculty who teach in your college's First Year Seminar program to encourage them to utilize technology as an element of the course.

4. The Cocoon Syndrome
You are the Dean of Students at a small liberal arts college in the midwest. You begin getting reports from faculty that a student has not left his room and is upset over a virtual relationship.

5. Where’d Ja Get That?
You notice that students appear to be unlawfully sharing pirated software.

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