Marco Polo: Man of Mystery


I believe Marco Polo went to China for 4 main reasons, fame, fortune, knowledge, and exploration. Marco probably knew that he would get lots of money if he brought back Chinesse goods. And maybe even more money if he got famous and discovered new trade routes. I conclude that the main thing driving the explorers was money, a lot of explorers were very greedy. So back to the controversies. I believe Marco Polo was born in Korcula because that's where his ancestors were supposed to have lived.

I think Marco Polo did go to China because his vocabulary being more Persian than Chinese, Marc Polo was supposed to have gone through Persia. Also Marco had great descriptions of the mongols and their yurts which were 6 sided tents. When Marco was accused of embellishing his journey he replied "I have not told half of what I saw" (Hull, p.82, 1995).

I believe Marco died January 8, 1324 because most references state that.

Whether or not you believe this or that, I believe Marco Polo changed history by introducing new things to European countries.